Lab Framework: HTML5-based scientific models, visualizations, graphing, and probeware

In November 2011 the Google Foundation awarded Concord Consortium a grant to develop an HTML5 version of Molecular Workbench our award-winning Java-based physics simulation. We've extended these goals and have created a general framework we call Lab for integrating both simulations running in multiple modeling engines and data collection from sensors and probes.

Lab Interactives are sharable, embeddable, and authorable components defined in JSON that wrap a model with additional inquiry-oriented user interface components such as buttons, checkboxes, sliders, graphs etc.


MD2D model type

Other model types

Would you like to see more examples?

Please visit the Concord Consortium interactives page to see our full set of interactives built using the Lab framework.

Classic MW to NextGen Conversion

Classic MW models can be easily converted to lightweight versions that work within Lab. Save you Classic MW model and use the MML to JSON Converter